Upcoming Classes, Courses and Workshops


Monday morning classes:  

  • Time:  10h00 till 12h30 (Drawing, painting, pottery, pewter, mosaics, clay sculpting, ceramic painting, decoupage, portraiture)

Saturday afternoon classes: 

  • Time: 13h30 till16h30 (Drawing, painting, pottery, pewter, mosaics, clay sculpting,  ceramic painting, decoupage, portraiture)

Dates for Saturday classes 2018

  • 27 January
  • 3 & 17 February
  • 3 & 17 March
  • 14 & 28 April
  • 5 & 26 May
  • 2 & 16 June

Specialised Workshops 2018

  •  Figure Sculpting Workshop: Sat 3 March 9h00-12h00

  •   Create some small clay sculptures of a live model. Sculpting the human form is an exciting challenge which will sharpen observation skills.

4-day Portrait courses:

Dates to be advised

Would you like to be able to paint a beautiful portrait of a family member or a friend?  You will learn how to use a specific method and will watch your painting come together bit by bit –the result? A truly realistic rendering of both model and fabric!

You will also be taught how to mix true-to-life flesh tones, using only 4 basic colours plus white.  This simplified method enables you to paint skin tones accurately from the start – no guesswork needed!!

Have you ever painted a portrait which just does not end up looking like the person you are trying to paint? Learn how to use a corrective method to fix up the portrait and achieve an exact likeness.

This four day course is essentially a portrait course, however you are welcome to paint anything else instead (landscape, seascape, still life etc) or you could do a beginner’s course if you have not done art before.

For bookings and costs please contact:

Heidi: Email – beyers.heidi@gmail.com  Tel – 073 250 1040